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I have yet had him on it was a very strong critic of US federal law enforcement.. …per case here in Portland very high profile case called the.. …Portland Christmas tree bomber case.. And …because of that I ended up in the program in the TI program.. …the cool in sort of a modern co Intel pro I think it might be called disrupted and discredit or disrupt and destroy DND for short.. Of the idea is a deep deep deep deep deep deep creek program.. …to %HESITATION.. Basically decompose the person's life ruined their relationship get them fired from a job not a money and then the homeless and they get sick and then they die.. …and then do that taught their whole family if you really don't like.. …so.. …that is a real deal that is a real program that's happening and I think what has to happen.. Is …we need a kind of a church committee …so.. Committee in nineteen seventy six to look at you know the oversight of our federal law enforcement because.. The nineteen eighty we've we will blew past nineteen eighty four well on our way to twenty eighty four with our %HESITATION.. With our law enforcement just having no oversight.. Whatsoever and and doing his extradition killings.. So …I'm making this disc first of all say.. No I'm not crazy to its root is religious.. As toothpaste and %HESITATION.. And we need to stop it and we need to have.. Some kind of congressional investigation and oversight and it just has to stop so this type of these type of harassment campaigns are completely illegal they use all the %HESITATION.. Break in …what was search break in %HESITATION.. Powers through the.. The patriot act and so all these things need to be corrected from an oversight point of view as well as from a legal point..